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Sattu Sherbet (100g)


Benefits of Drinking Sattu: 7 Reasons Why You Should Include This in Your Summer Diet
  • 7 amazing health benefits of drinking sattu in summers:
  • Provides instant energy. …
  • Aids in Weight Loss. …
  • Maintains Healthy skin. …
  • Increases Appetite. …
  • Prevents Diabetics and High blood pressure. …
  • Improves Digestion. …
  • Herbal Remedy for Women.

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Benefits of Drinking Sattu: A Protein-Rich Drink Which Is Inexpensive And Great For Digestion

Benefits of Drinking Sattu: Sattu is prepared with roasted black chana, some lemon juice and cumin powder. This delicious summer coolant is naturally rich in protein and is also good for diabetics. Read here to know how to prepare sattu at home.

 One of the many healthy options for thirst-quenchers is sattu, which is prepared by roasting and grounding black chana.

Along with excellent cooling qualities, it is enriched with great nutrients like protein, fiber, carbs, iron, calcium and plenty of other vitamins and minerals. It is a great remedy to heat and can be consumed in numerous ways- one of the laid-back and popular ways to consume it is in the form of ‘sherbet’. Sattu sherbet is extremely nutritious and satisfying. This underrated natural protein drink has been a summertime favorite for a long time. Be it kids or adults the traditional sattu sherbet can be adored by all owing to its distinctive aroma and flavor.


Here are some reasons why you should include sattu or sattu sherbet in your diet


1. It is rich in protein

100 grams of sattu can provide approximately 20 grams of vegan protein that further helps in muscle growth and repair. It can keep you fuller for longer and aids in weight management.



2. Keeps you cool

Summer and scorching heat can easily drain out the energy levels while making you low, dull and tired. But this natural and nutrient-dense sattu sherbet can become your favorite quencher. It can hydrate you in no time while making you active all the way through. With great quantities of fiber, carbs and various vitamins and minerals, it helps you to keep going even in the scorching heat.

3. Great for digestion

Sattu is filled with a great amount of insoluble fiber which can benefit your gut like nothing else. Consumption of sattu not only cleanses out your colon but helps to ease certain problems like constipation, bloating, acidity and provides relief to irritation and burning in the stomach.

4. Regulates blood sugar

Sattu can be a boon for diabetics as it is low in the glycemic index and its high fiber content keeps a check on the sugar levels. It also helps in maintaining high cholesterol levels.



Other attributes:

  • It is gluten-free
  • Excellent for women during menstruation
  • Contains magnesium and calcium that are excellent for bone health

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