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Cocoa Powder (100g) is essentially used as flavor in biscuits, ice cream, dairy drinks and cakes. Apart its use as flavor it is also used in the manufacture of coatings for confectioners or frozen desserts. Cocoa powder is also consumed by the beverage industry for example for the preparation of chocolate milk.

Can I use cocoa powder instead of chocolate?
To replace one ounce of unsweetened chocolate, use 3 tablespoons cocoa powder plus 1 tablespoon butter, shortening or oil. Dissolve the cocoa in liquid that is already used in the recipe.
How do you mix cocoa powder?
Put the cocoa powder, sugar, and salt into a saucepan, then add just a few tablespoons of milk. Turn the heat on low and whisk the mixture around to form a paste. If not all of the cocoa mixes in, then add a bit more liquid, but don’t overdo it—lumps will be far harder to break up once you pour in the rest of the milk.

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