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Stevia Natural Sweetener 300 sachet






Best alternative to sugar.
Premium quality sweetener.
No After taste . Just taste like real sugar.
Safe and healthy choice
Diabetes and weight management friendly.
use only 1 g to sweeten tea cup.
Economical due to less use.

“Stevia” is registered trade mark owned by Khoraak Foods (pvt) Ltd.
Price: Institution size box ( 300 sachets): Rs 3900 + Rs 250 shipment

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Stevia Natural Sweetener 300sachet

FAQ’S – Stevia Natural sweetener ZERO calorie

What Is Stevia And Where Does It Come From?

Stevia is a plant of the Asteraceae (sunflower) family. The leaves have been used as a sweetener in South America for hundreds of years. Extracts from the stevia leaf have been available as food additives (sweeteners) and/or dietary supplements in many countries around the world.

However, today there are several methods for producing stevia ingredients.

Stevia Natural Sweetener 300sachet

Are Stevia Extracts Natural?

The extraction process involves steeping the dried leaves of the stevia plant in water, filtering and separating the liquid from the leaves and stems, and further purifying the remaining plant extract with either water or food grade alcohol.


Further, clinical studies show that stevia extracts meeting purity criteria established by JECFA have no effect on either blood pressure or blood glucose response, indicating that stevia extracts are safe for use by persons with diabetes.

There are no known side effects or allergies from the use of stevia extracts in foods and beverages.

is Stevia powder Soluble?

Stevia extracts have excellent solubility in a wide range of applications.

They act synergistically when used in combination with other sweeteners.

Stevia extracts can be from 50 – 450 times sweeter than sugar, depending on the application and amount and/or extract used.



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                           STEVIA SWEETENER

    (Trade mark registered product of Khoraak Foods (pvt) Ltd)

    Stevia is  “zero-calorie,” natural and organically grown plant based product.  Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar aka “white poison” .

    Stevia is the only plant based natural sweetener in market.  Others are chemical based artificial sweeteners.



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