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Moringa Pure Leaf Powder (100g) – Khoraak Foods


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Moringa Pure Leaf Powder is a plant that is often called the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the ben oil tree, or the horseradish tree.

Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. It also has antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Top 5 health benefits of moringa

1. Rich source of protective antioxidants

Antioxidant compounds, including nutrients and phytochemicals, help protect cells from the damage incurred by molecules called free radicals, these are produced by the body when exposed to environmental toxins like pesticides and cigarette smoke.

2. May support blood sugar control

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Most of the evidence supporting the use of moringa for balancing blood sugar has been based on animal studies – these suggest that compounds in the leaves may stimulate the cells of the pancreas, which are responsible for the secretion of the blood-sugar balancing hormone, insulin.

3. May have anti-inflammatory benefits

Inflammation plays a pivotal role in the development of many chronic illnesses, from obesity and diabetes to arthritis. The root, fruit and leaves of moringa contain substances which inhibit this inflammatory process.

4. May protect the liver

The liver is essential for maintaining our health and processing nutrients from our diet. In animal studies, moringa’s high levels of protective compounds called polyphenols helped protect the liver and promote recovery of damaged tissue.

5. May support cognitive function

The rich antioxidant properties of moringa may support cognitive function and be useful in the fight against cognitive decline, as well as conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Is moringa safe for everyone?

It is generally considered safe to eat the leaves and seed pods, however caution should be exercised over the bark and pulp. This is especially relevant during pregnancy because the bark contains chemicals which may promote uterine contractions and may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Those on prescribed medication including blood pressure tablets, diabetes medication and levothyroxine should check with their GP or pharmacist to ensure moringa is appropriate for their use.

If you’re on prescription medication, have a relevant medical condition or have concerns, speak to your Doctor for guidance.

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