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Tutti Fruity essence

Why buy Khoraak Foods essence?

100% Halal unlike some cheap brands which use spirits. 2 times  concentrated then others brands. Few drops needed. Colored glass bottle to save essence from light and plastic contamination.

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20 ml – Tutti Frutti Essence


By adding to your base ingredient, it will add flavour along with the aroma of Tutti Frutti

Baking & Dessert Application:

Use it in baking and dessert applications, like cake & biscuit batters, icings, frostings, ice cream, cream and macarons.

It isn’t a sweetener, so you may require additional sugars to taste, in your base ingredient (ie Milkshakes)

Chocolate Applications:

Flavours are a great addition to create a flavoured, soft centred filling for chocolates.

Note:  Flavours are not suitable to flavour chocolate, as they may cause it to seize as you are adding a water-based product to an oil based product.

We recommend using our Flavoured Oils for Chocolate applications.

How Much: 

Dosage Rate – 2-3 Drops, or between 0.1-0.10%

Use an dropper for accurate measuring.

Once opened, stored in cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight and heat. Shelf life is greater than 24 months if stored correctly.

Contents:  20 ml

Ingredients:  Flavour

Suitable for Halal dietary requirements

Suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian Dietary requirements

Made in Pakistan from Imported Ingredients

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