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Why buy Khoraak Foods Almond essence?

  1. 100% Halal unlike some cheap brands which use spirits.
  2.  Concentrated. Min 2-3 times then others brands. Few drops will give you desired result.
  3. Their are as near as possible to real Almonds.
  4. We use colored glass bottle to save essence from light and plastic contamination.

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Almond Essence

Also Known As : Artificial almond flavouring, Badam ka saar

Taste Profile

It has a strong almond taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Almond essence can be used in any recipe that requires the use of almonds for flavouring in desserts like halwa, phirni, kheer and barfi.It is added in cordials and milk shakes.
  2. It is used in savoury dishes like pulaos and biryanis.
  3. It is popularly used in chinese sweets like Almond Jelly or almond tofu and in the preparation of Almond Tea.
  4. After opening the seal, almond essence should be sealed properly and stored in the cool dry section of the refrigerator.

Common names and forms

  1. Badam Arak
  2. Natural Almonds Flavor
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