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Ginger Powder Dry (100g)


Dry Ginger powder aka adrak

Dry Ginger powder aka adrak

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Dry Ginger Powder: Health Benefits

(Dry Ginger powder aka adrak)


– Good for Common Cold and Flu

– Helps in Weight Loss

– Lowers Blood Sugar Level

– Menstrual Pain

– Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

– Fights Inflammations

– Treats Upset Stomach


Good for Common Cold and Flu

Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory compounds gingerol and shaogol present, and they help cure common cold and flu. During monsoon and winter, ginger helps keep the body warm and prevent cold. Adding a half spoon of dry ginger powder in warm water is considered to have instant effects on the common cold and flu.

Helps in Weight Loss

Ginger is very useful when it comes to losing weight. A study found that ginger helps reduce the Body Mass Index and Blood Insulin levels in obese people.

Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Dry ginger has been proved effective in lowering blood sugar levels in people with type-2 diabetes naturally. Consuming dry ginger powder by adding it to lukewarm water with a pinch of salt works great to lower blood sugar when drank early morning.

Menstrual Pain

Add the dry ginger powder in boiling water with some salt and a teaspoon of honey and drink it during the initial days of menstruation. You can also drink ginger tea for reducing menstrual pain.

Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

A lot of pregnant women experience morning sickness. Dry ginger might be considered the most effective in curing morning sickness in pregnant women. A cup of ginger tea is helpful to cure nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy. You can make ginger tea using dry powdered ginger, cloves, cinnamon and turmeric.

Treats Upset Stomach

. Having 3 grams of dry ginger powder before every meal helps improve the digestive process.

If you face any health issues now, then you know what to do, right? Yes, use Dry Ginger powder aka adrak before going on pills!


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